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Louis Roederer Cristal, the first Prestige Cuvee, was created in 1876 for Tsar Alexander II of Russia. One hundred and thirty-four years later, it remains faithful to its origin, inspired by elegance, purity, and precision. Offering a precise and pure combination of...


When you're looking for maximum impact, there are few champagnes more welcome or world-renowned than Dom Perignon. Paired with a premium Godiva white chocolate truffles, Hammond's lemon cakes, Lille chocolate cookie thins, Le Preziose blackberry and raspberry fruit jellies, Ghirardelli milk...


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne has flavors of white peach, anise, biscuit and kumquat with smoky notes on the refined finish. A fitting collection of vanilla sea salt caramels, Le Preziose blackberry and raspberry fruit jelly candy, Setton Farms chipotle BBQ...


This elegant basket is perfectly suited for those who enjoy the finer things life has to offer. From weddings to graduations to New Year's Eve celebrations, Sparkling wine is the go-to bubbly for getting the party started. A bottle of La Marca...


Silver Oak Alexander Valley cabernet has aromas and flavors of black currant jam, rose petals, chocolate and sage. An assortment of cracked pepper crackers, garlic herb cheese wedges, coconut macaroons, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, marinated basil thyme artichokes, chocolate cookies and...


Sterling Vintner's Collection smooth red blend meritage is included with a gourmet selection of garlic and herb cheese spread, crackers, Le Preziose blackberry and raspberry fruit jellies, Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles, basil and thyme artichokes, vanilla fudge with sea...


Make it a special occasion with this beautifully presented wine basket featuring two handcrafted wines from Sterling Vintner's Collection. Central Coast cabernet is fruit-forward with dark berry flavors and hints of toffee and chocolate; chardonnay has pineapple and green apple on...


Three Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines and an abundance of food are packaged in this gourmet wine and food gift basket: rich cabernet sauvignon with blackberry and toasty oak flavors, classic chardonnay with notes of baked apple and poached pear,...


For any special occasion, give this classy gourmet gift filled with everything they desire. An ornate, bright gold-colored basket holds decadent treats that include: Godiva chocolate truffles, creamy cheese spread, mouth watering wafers, and much more. Includes: Premium Dessert Cookies...


Abanico Spanish red and white wine are brought together with a collection of Spanish style tapas, roasted corn chips, bacon habanero snacks, olives, milk chocolate hazelnuts, Ghirardelli white and dark chocolate, cookies and more. It's a great introduction to these traditional,...


This gift basket is loaded with all the best from Godiva. Delivering a complete collection of signature and dessert truffles including favorites like milk, white and dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, creme brulee and lava cake, dark chocolate ganache heart and milk...


An array of California artisanal foods are featured in this generous California Delicious gift box, perfect for family, friends or clients. Gourmet treats from throughout the state will please any palate. They will enjoy a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider,...

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