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Ever wondered how many Disney Princesses there are in total? The answer is twelve. And whilst each princess is different in their own unique way, they all share positive values of compassion, determination, strength and bravery. These character traits are...

Princess Ultimate Collection - Standard
Princess Ultimate Collection - Deluxe

This coffee table sized, 104-page personalized book is the ultimate present for any fan of Disney's Cars. The red hardback cover is emblazoned with the iconic 'Cars' logo and embossed with the recipient's name. Inside, the reader will find stories...

Disney Cars Collection - Standard
Disney Cars Collection - Deluxe

The ultimate collectable for Spider-Man fans, this unique personalized book contains six stories about the masked web-slinger, including an introduction from Spidey himself as he speaks directly to the recipient of the book! The recipient's name not only features throughout...

Spider-man Collection Book - Standard
Spider-man Collection Book - Deluxe

Now includes Frozen 2! The Frozen universe burst onto the scene in 2013 and has since become a global phenomenon. This personalized collection book is the ultimate Frozen keepsake, containing not only the original Frozen movie, but also Frozen 2!...

Frozen Collection Book - Standard
Frozen Collection Book - Deluxe

This personalized book contains SEVEN tales from the world of Disney Pixar's Toy Story, including adaptations of the classic trio of films PLUS the brand-new Toy Story 4! There is also a special unique tale featuring the name of the...

Toy Story Collection Book - Standard
Toy Story Collection Book - Deluxe

The ideal gift for celebrating the holidays with your little one this collection is perfect for your favorite Disney-lover. Including stories starring Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, the monsters Mike and Sully, Lady and the Tramp, Peter...


A timeless character passed from one generation to the next, Winnie the Pooh is a honey-loving, silly old bear who is firmly held in the hearts of all children who have read and grown up with his stories. This collection...

Winnie the Pooh Collection Book - Standard
Winnie the Pooh Collection Book - Deluxe

The ideal gift for celebrating the holidays with your little one this collection is perfect for your favorite Disney Princess lover. Including stories starring Aurora, Mulan, Tiana, and Belle, there's magic and adventure on every page. What's more, an exclusive...


There are many things that make a hero; being clever, brave, and adventurous are often at the top of our list when we think of heroes. There are many more qualities that can make someone a hero, and this book...


Strong female characters from Disney's biggest blockbuster movies have been gathered here in this collection of stories, comprised with empowerment of the next generation of women in mind. 7 stories in one book, one of which has never before been...