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The creator of childhood favorites such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet has his works collected here in this deluxe annual. With a foreword explaining the popularity of his creations and how they came to be, this collection is for true...

Gerry Anderson Comic Collection Deluxe Edition

A series of five volumes which bring together the Thunderbirds comic strips from the 1960s and 70s, and are perfect for fans of the classic show. Featuring brilliant comic strip stories like The Earthquake Maker, Brains is Dead and The...

Thunderbirds Comic Volume 1
Thunderbirds Comic Volume 2
Thunderbirds Comic Volume 3
Thunderbirds Comic Volume 4
Thunderbirds Comic Volume 5

For true fans, Thunderbirds are GO! There's a reason that these characters and the show about them has been recreated and re-booted so many times over the years. Now fans can read the original comic strips which have been collected...

Thunderbirds Comic Collection Deluxe Edition